Real Estate Video Marketing | You Need It And Here's Why

Stephen, HUB Media, shooting a biopic video for a client | PC: The Caniglia Group at North&Co

Stephen, HUB Media, shooting a biopic video for a client | PC: The Caniglia Group at North&Co

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Video Marketing is more important than ever for Real Estate Professionals in 2019 and there are several reasons why.  We will start with a few stats and move to the heart and soul of why video is taking over the industry and why you need it as part of your overall marketing strategy.

  • Instagram recently reported 500 million people watch Stories every day

  • YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users

  • LinkedIn is rolling out live video

  • Video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year

  • Video marketers achieve a 54% increase in brand awareness

What’s the key take away here? Around two-thirds of marketers are using videos for marketing; you can’t afford to be left out. Also, people retain 58% more information when visually shown HOW to do something.

I would like to share some valuable info from our friends over at HUB Media Company (HMC). They are based in Tempe, AZ and are leaders in the real estate cinematic video production space. They, are our go-to partner for all of our real estate client’s needs and they are genuinely some of the nicest (and funniest) group of humans we have the distinct pleasure of collaborating with. I’ve witnessed firsthand the success their videos have had in assisting our clients in growing their business. Here’s what they have to say personally about video marketing.

Stephen Garner, President HUB Media Company says,

“Most real estate agents are using some variety of video in their business whether that be Facebook live or professional cinematic home tours, but using video is something still relatively new to many agents. Facebook is the logical place to put your videos when marketing properties for sale but there is a problem: FB is a horrible search engine, it’s hard enough for you to find a post you did on your own page a few weeks ago so imagine how challenging it can be for others to find your best content. Facebook is a place where consumers discover content by accident where as other platforms like Google and YouTube are on purpose.  Real estate agents need to clearly establish their value in the eyes of the consumer by creating high quality, unique and valuable content consumers are searching for online.”


Video is extremely effective when used properly to educate and inform consumers, market properties for sale, build brands and much more (as evidenced by the growing number of businesses using it). Whether you are a savvy video pro or just getting your toes wet, there are some videos that HMC recommends are essential for every real estate professional. Have a look:

  1.  The Home Page/About Us Video – A briliant way to differentiate yourself and you/your team’s services, as well as personally connect with potential prospects and customers.

  2. Tips and How To Videos Showcase your knowledge and expertise without sounding boastful. Provide valuable content that sets you up as the real estate resource they’ve been searching for.

  3. The Community Video When people begin their home search, most know which community they want to live in. These videos not only showcase your expertise on a paricular neighborhood or community but they also help you get found online in the areas you specialize.

  4. Testimonial Videos These are the 21st century version of the written testimonial and are the ultimate form of social proof - when you can actually see and hear firsthand from clients who have used your services to help them buy or sell their home. These videos tend to be more influential than just the standard testimonial you find on many agent websites.

  5. Cinematic Property Tour Video This video is perfect for helping the consumer mentally move into the home and one of the most effective videos when optimized properly across all media platforms (agent’s website, social media, YouTube, Zillow, Facebook and Instagram ads, etc.)

  6. Facebook Live Videos – We’ve done an entire post about the importance of incorporating Facebook Live videos into your online marketing strategy. For starters, it’s free, and when done effectively, can create valuable, organic engagement with your followers. To read that post, click here:

  7. Video EmailIs a great way to connect with prospects and shoppers in a way that is a bit more personal than a direct mailer or a cold call. Did you know people are 80% more likely to do business with people they can see compared to only speaking on the phone or via text message?


Trust us, we get it. real estate agents are busy and this may seem like a lot to take on, but believe me when I say, it’s worth it - in both the time and investment. We’ve seen firsthand how video marketing has transformed our clients’ business … and in turn, their profits. When properly optimized, it’s a powerful tool for businesses and brands to connect and engage with their key audiences. We could do an entire post on what to do with your video once you have it to ensure maximum reach and SEO exposure, but the bottom line for today is video marketing is here to stay. The question is, are you ready to get on board?

For more information on cinematic video and photography for real estate, feel free to check out HUB Media’s blog at or give them a call at 480.223.8113. For assistance with video strategy, script writing, SEO and social optimization, send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

Carole Gurule