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Don't talk, just act. Don't say, just show.
Don't promise, just prove .....


Marketing Strategy & Research

Here is where we really dig in and define your business.  How do you want to position yourself within the marketplace?  It is the most crucial step in the overall planning process and one that businesses tend to overlook because they’re so busy trying to execute and put out fires.

+ Study the existing business model and define your business and the specific products or services you provide
+ Develop a profile of your key target customers
+ Understand the market climate and determine your marketing strengths and weaknesses
+ Determine your role or the role of the company within the marketplace – specifically as it relates to your competition

+ Evaluate findings/results of past marketing campaigns (if available)
+ Use analytical tools to consider the market potential and develop a strategy to achieve both short and long term goals
+ Establish a benchmark and measurement system for tracking campaign success


Marketing Planning & Execution

Planning is the process we take to actually map out how we’re going to reach your target customers. We’re going to be asking you a lot of questions during this phase, so please be patient with us. This particular step is so important because the more we know up front about you, your business and the competition, the better equipped we’ll be in crafting a winning plan.

+ Evaluate existing marketing materials and messaging, social media and advertising and determine how successfully these mediums currently target and engage your key customers and generate sales
+ Identify new opportunities and experiences to engage with existing and new clients

+ Maximize lifetime customer value by getting past clients to return more often while also gushing about your business to their friends/family
+ Develop specific marketing objectives and policies and determine if the plan fits the overall strategy - are we heading in the right direction?


Brand Management

Are you professional? Are you unique? Are you recognizable? Are you authentic? We’ll help shape your company branding by providing recommendations for your voice, your look, your story, your brand promise - to your desired demographic to ensure that every touchpoint contributes to an authentic brand experience.

Creative Development

+ Graphic Design
+ Website Writing & Design
+ Sales Materials (flyers, brochures, postcards, etc.)

Digital Marketing

+ Content Marketing
+ Email Marketing
+ Video Marketing
+ Social Media 


Reputation Management

Or more simply put - the importance of monitoring what the Internet says about your company.

Should something happen to damage your businesses reputation, we’ll get in the trenches with you to help repair and rebuild. We’ll provide strategic recommendations for increasing positive reviews on third party review sites, as well as a thoughtful response plan via media relations and other appropriate marketing vehicles (social media, blog, etc.).


Marketing Analytics

What is the point of implementing comprehensive marketing solutions if we’re not tracking them to ensure they are producing the desired return?  We use a variety of tools and software to review analytics and conversions to benchmark our successes. More importantly we educate you on how to effectively decipher your analytics so that together we can refine them as necessary to achieve the optimal results.